Do You Know What's in Your Water?

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How safe is the water in your Rockford, IL home or business? While mineral-heavy water may not pose a short-term threat, the long-term consequences can add up. By hiring the water treatment suppliers at H2O Express Water Treatment Solutions, you can rest knowing your water quality is clean and safe.

We install all our own equipment so that you can count on a quality product. A water softener may even improve your skin and hair and result in cleaner dishes and laundry. You can also get a reverse osmosis system to remove 98% of contaminants and improve the water's flavor.

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Quality water treatments for your every need

No two properties are alike. Therefore, the water treatment services they require won't be the same. H2O Express Water Treatment Solutions has the knowledge and experience necessary for installing your:

  • Iron filtration system
  • Chlorine and peroxide system
  • Reverse osmosis system
  • Whole-house decontamination system
  • UV water purification system
Experience the benefits of pure water. Contact us today to schedule service for your Rockford, IL property.

Dedicated to providing you with cleaner water

The specialists at H2O Express Water Treatment Solutions know the importance of clean water. That's why we provide professional water treatment services for home and business owners in Rockford, IL. We're trusted throughout the community because we:

Have over 40 years of experience

Are family owned and operated

Offer a 15% first responder and veteran discount

Provide superior service

Are extremely knowledgeable

Supply your property with healthier water. Get in touch for a free estimate from our water treatment supplier.