Remove Harsh Chemicals From Your Water

Turn to us for a water treatment system installation in Barrington, Belvidere, Rockford & South Elgin, IL

Is your water as clean and pure as it could be? H2O Express Water Treatment Solutions in Barrington, Belvidere, & Rockford, IL provides water treatment system installations. We sell and rent out water treatment equipment to remove lime, calcium, minerals, pesticides and other chemicals from your water. If something goes wrong with your system, we service all makes and models of equipment.

For more information on a UV water system or one of our other systems, call 815-505-8848.

Discover the top benefits of water treatment systems

Thinking of installing a UV water system, iron filtration system, chlorine peroxide system or whole-house decontamination system? The team at H2O Express Water Treatment Solutions can help you experience the amazing benefits of owning a water treatment system in Rockford, Belvidere or Barrington, IL.

Our treatment systems allow you to:

  • Lower your dependency on plastic water bottles
  • Enjoy better-tasting food and drinks
  • Improve your health and well-being
Rely on us to streamline your water treatment system installation. Our team can hook up your new system quickly and efficiently so you can get right to enjoying healthier, cleaner water.